Today I am working my final client event – GeoLoco.  I will have arrived at the venue at 5:00am this morning and be working until probably about 10:00pm, when I will want to drop dead.

So yep, this is a programmed post for #NaBloPoMo – written a few days before today.  Is that cheating?  I sure hope not!

Tomorrow will be my last day of “freedom” before I dive into my new task: learn more about what I really want to be doing with my life and take proactive steps to get it, rather than just accepting anything that lands in your lap.

And damn, is it already hard.  I continue to get calls about event work; I may have even agreed to help a friend with a bit of consulting help.  I mean, come on.  Money is nice, right!  (I’ll have a more thorough post on the dangers of that, possibly as soon as tomorrow…)

One thing I do want to be doing during this “free” time is meeting with startups that are:
1)  Hiring
2)  Have Funding
3)  Are between 4 and 20 people on the team
4)  Doing something honestly innovative and possible world-changing