Having wondered about her programmed path (producing conferences for the startup community) for some time, one small NPC realizes there is a larger world out there.  A world where she can affect the situations and people around her in startling ways, by introducing a variety of gaming techniques, rewards, and quest lines.

This is a diary of her journey to find her place in the industry of games; to create fun, inspire change, and have more creative freedom and challenges in her own life, too.  Hopefully it helps those who tell themselves “I’m not good enough,” “I could never do that,” or “I don’t have any training or time for it” to find the strength to try.

For 20 years I said the same thing, and I decided 2 weeks ago to let go of some of my clients and give it a try.  Who knows where my path will take me; I’ve found a sandbox, and I’m ready to play.  You can see bits and pieces of my current life at http://webwallflower.com, but this blog is all about my quest for my future.