I’ve decided to change or grow the value of this blog.  It started as my first step pursuing a career change into game design.  I was an NPC (non-player character) in that industry and escaping to become someone who actually did something in that industry.

But this journey has led to a lot of bigger life explorations, lessons, and struggles.  And so I am shifting the purpose of this blog somewhat.  I’d still like to keep it relevant to gaming, a bit.  But I’d like to expand it, and hope that posts may inspire people to change whatever it is that makes them unhappy in their job and strive toward even the little things to make it better.  I’ve feel like I’ve been a Non-Player Character in my own life, and making these drastic changes and choices has forced me to actually start playing the game.  And damn, the game is scary.  It’s confusing, and dark, and filled with monsters.  And you can’t always tell who’s going to be on your team and who’s going to betray you or die; or is this room the boss fight, or is it another floor down?  Maybe I aught to have switched to a melee character, maybe I’d do better with lighter armor, maybe…maybe…maybe.

And while I become more conscious of the choices I make, I start to stagnate seeing all the choices.  And so this blog expands – to be update perhaps more frequently, perhaps just as unoften, but with thoughts on changes in general and taking a more active player roll in my own life.

Enjoy the adventure.