While I’m generally not a huge fan of Facebook games, as past posts can attest, I do enjoy playing the new ones to pick apart how they work, what they do to get me hooked, and why I end up getting bored.  I also have two games I am actually kind of enjoying: The Sims Social and Mousehunt.

But when Google bought Slide and closed down their biggest social game SuperPoke Pets (yep, still around) – the few players left exploded.  And it got me thinking about the inevitable lifespans that most social games are going to have, and how this could be a pretty massive weakness.

MouseHunt players are bound to get pretty furious if the game disappears.

When I bought Fable 3 or Skyrim, for the most part I was hosting my progress on my own system.  Even if xbox went out of business, I could still play that character (in some cases.  I understand that many games are now saving in the Microsoft cloud of xBox live – but it’s also a long shot that this will go away any time soon.)  The money and time I’d invested don’t go away.

Now I don’t invest money in the Facebook games I played, and Sims Social (being owned by EA) probably won’t disappear any time soon, but Mousehunt is created by small studio HitGrab, and is bleeding users.  Those who do stick around are mostly those who have invested tens and hundreds of dollars into their traps and stats.  At some point, HitGrab will probably have to close down the game.  And what do those players get?  A big ol’ nothing.

I guess I’m just curious if there are things that can be done to fix this.  Can people download the most recent version of MouseHunt and preserve their equipment as it is, even if they dont get upgrades?  Can we port it to our mobile devices?  Is this something social games are even thinking about?  Because as a dedicated player, I sure am.