So I think I’ve noticed the main difference between those who seem to have jobs land in their feet and those who can’t seem to get a foot in the door:


This doesn’t mean they apply to a lot of places, or even just that they do a follow-up email or call (though that’s definitely part of it); it’s that they are tenacious without even thinking about it; that they’re just naturally inclined to take interest and stay engaged with the appropriate people around them.

For Example, while I of course don’t have any gaming job offers yet, I’ve had two startup job offers and one unpaid gaming internship offer – and that’s without sending out a single application.  Why?  I really think it’s because I just work to stay in touch with people, to stay at least moderately interested in what they are doing, and to offer them some value in exchange.  And these aren’t relationships that arose overnight; there were developed over years.   But even now, as I work to change career, I tell everyone who asks, just in case they may have good advice.   When I was working Inside Social Apps, I definitely should have done more of this, and I’m regretting it now.  But that said, I don’t give a second thought to reaching out regardless.  I’ve heard others say “Oh, but so much time has past” or “I don’t want to bother them” or “They probably don’t remember me” and man does it piss me off.  Who cares?  What do you have to lose (aside from potential work if you don’t do it.)

So while I’m unemployed – but not desperate for work – I’m trying to say yes to every meeting, every phone call, and every opportunity; at least for now.  I’m following up more diligently than I ever have, and trying to help people find others to hire if I’m not the right fit.  And even when I do find work, I hope to keep this up – though in a lesser capacity – because you never know when I’ll be back in the boat.