So about a week before I planned to tie up every loose event thread and leap into learning about game design, I realized “Wow, I have a lot of free time coming up and…

Oooo, Skyrim is coming out; I gotta reserve it on Amazon!  And oh yeah, I need to play Portal 2, still.  And I should really pick up the Violin again.  And finish that felt bag, and practice Spanish, and take up….”

Uh oh.  Getting myself to actually work – with no incentive of a due date, a paycheck, or an unhappy client – is going to be really difficult.  So I sat down and planned out an agenda.  I’m writing it on a white board by my desk, on post-its on my computer screen, and in my cell phone calendar.  I’ve listed it below, to feel peer-pressure to stick to it, and for any suggestions people might have.  I don’t want to overwork myself, as that’s what I’m trying to get away from for the next few months.  But I also don’t want to sit on my butt doing nothing and then just get angry at myself when I realized, weeks later, that I really am the lazy-ass I frequently think I am.

This is also why I’m doing this #NaBloPoMo thing; if I HAVE to write something about my progress in this blog every day, well by damn I better be making progress.

**POST LESSON: For anyone un- or self-employed right now, set up a strict schedule for yourself and really stick to it.  Tell your friends about it and ask them to encourage and gently remind you (both about work hours AND play hours.)  If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up (that doesn’t solve anything) but do ask yourself “why did I step off the track?” and figure out if there is something you can put in place to stay on in the future.**


8:00am – Wake up, shower, and enjoy a nice breakfast.  Read a book, catch up on webcomics, do whatever I want.

9:30am – Start “Assigned Task”
Monday & Wednesday:  Study coding (Ruby on Rails)
Tuesday:  Work on a game and/or read more game design stuff
Thursday & Friday:  Head downtown to work at a game company that’s offered me some mentorship. 

1:00pm – Go to the gym and get lunch

2:30pm – Resume “Assigned Task”

7:00pm – Stop Working and do something fun.  Like Skyrim, or the violin, or knitting and a movie.

11:45pm – Go To Bed.