Or National Blog Posting Month, in which people strive to post a blog post every day….

Yep, there’s a movement to push people to write even more crappy half-thought-about (if you are lucky) articles and publish them for the world to see and for your twitter feed to be swamped with.

And yep, I’m going to see if it inspired me to reawaken this blog as I restart my quest to get into gaming – or at least do something cooler than plan now-becoming-international startup conferences.

So I’m back, stay tuned!  As I finish up my final clients and delve into my quest for a new job (hopefully in gaming), I’ll try to catalog what’s worked, what hasn’t, and maybe even help a few other people to quit doing something they hate and start doing something that excites them.  Yes, it’s scary.

**Thanks Karen Hartline for alerting me to this crazy movement.  I’ll join your “lets motivate each other” movement from afar**