A quick update today.  I found myself slowly following more and more game producers, manager, developers, and designers on Twitter, but that their updates were getting lost in the stream of start-up folks I follow (over five hundred…)

To get into a new industry, I feel it is important not just to understand the terminology being tossed around by professionals, but also who those professionals – who are the influencers, the do-ers, the folks in the know.  Who are the people I should try to help or work with to get my foot in the door?  While it is still a bit impersonal, by following them on twitter I can get a sense of their personalities and interests, perhaps start replying to their questions or retweeting their ideas and articles, and eventually not only understand things better myself, but get to know the right people faster.

So for my own sanity, I started a Game Designers twitter list.  You are welcome to follow it yourself, or not.  I don’t mind.  I also set up an additional column on a twitter client I use called HootSuite.  I now have a column featuring the startup leaders I follow, one for game designers, one for @messages at me, and one for people references my event “FailCon.”

You can follow the list at http://twitter.com/#!/WebWallflower/game-industry

Please let me know if you think there is anyone I should add.  And of course, feel free to follow me @webwallflower


As you try to enter a new community or industry, be sure to engage politely and intelligently with the leaders of said community.  Twitter is a great place to start.