Before leaping into anything new, I like to learn about it.  I want to suck in any and all information I can.  It can become a problem – especially with the internet being what it is.  With my complete ignorance right now, it is hard for me to figure out what is a valuable source and what is a load of crap, which articles will help me and which are just hot air.  At the moment, I am only reading things people already in the industry suggest – to at least try to have some filter – and hopefully as I read more, I’ll be able to pick out the cream of the crop for myself.

What I do still need to figure out is how I personally best learn.  I can’t just sit and read all of these – I’m bound to forget everything as soon as it goes in my brain.  I need a structure for HOW to read….any suggestions are certainly appreciated.

A huge thanks to Ramine Darabiha, Neil Halder and Randall Thomas for sending many of the links along to me.

THINGS I HAVE READ (and recommend)

Gamification and Its Discontents – by Sebastian Deterding
Made me think more closely about badges, points, how companies are applying them, and exactly how they are designed and affect me whenever I see them.

Playful – by Russell Davies
A great entry-level discussion of what makes a game, the importance of imagination, and how we can turn every-day tasks into games.


Lessons in Level Design (as seen in SMB3) – At Significant Bits

The Game Prodigy Blog

Metagame Design – Slide Show by Amy Jo Kim

Meaningful Play – Slide Show by Sebastian Deterding

The Rise of the Indie Game – A nice curated list of MORE to read…

Retro Gaming Foundations – A curated list put together by RacketBoy on the basics of game design and interaction.



A Theory of Fun, by Raph Koster

The State of Play, by Beth Noveck and Jack Balkin

Rules of Play, by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal