Alec Trevelyan was NOT your friend.

In GoldenEye, Alec Trevelyan was certainly not the best person to trust...

Blarg.  I’m learning quickly that – for every 3 people you meet who want to help you, there is one who wants to get you down.

There are a lot of unhappy people in the world.  People who are dissatisfied with their work, but are convinced they are too old to learn something new, that it is too risky or too hard, or that they are not good enough.  Worse, many of these people will strive to convince you of this to.  They are embarrassed by their own shortcomings, or certain it is not their fault but the world’s fault, and so a universal rule that you cannot get ahead of your place in life.

Now of course, their are people for whom an extenuating circumstance does make it near-impossible to accomplish a dream (a disability, a family illness, financial troubles), but I think for most people, it is just fear and insecurity – and having too many friends just like them, who tell them they can’t.

All of my friends are excited for me, most of my colleagues are too.  But I still get the slow and doubtful “But you don’t know anything about how to make a video game?” or the polite smile and “well….good luck.”  Or even the flat out “You know, that’s a really difficult industry to get into.  If you don’t (know how to code, know how to draw, have extensive training…) you really aren’t going to get anywhere.”

For myself, this just motivated me all the more.  I’m not in a rush to change careers – my current work is great!  It means I have time to get any training I may need, to learn about the industry, and to get to the top like one should – one step at a time.  But for others, I know these sorts of people would bring them down. So:

Make sure you are associating yourself with the RIGHT companions – people who are excited for you and understand why you want to do something and support how you are going to do it.  If someone blows you off, don’t get angry or upset, just let them go and find someone who is willing to help you.